Verified technology

uVid’s solution is not just a single application or database, but a whole range of top quality products which we implement based on the users specific needs.

Verified technology

Cloud ready
We’ve integrated the best from the new generation of Open source BI and ETL applications which have been verified on thousands of users, based on quality databases of popular manufacturers and placed them on a safe, stable and fast Cloud infrastructure.

And best of all: we do not implement anything that’s complicated because we do not believe in complicated solutions! We understand that you need the access your desired information fast and simple.

What do we offer?

  • Best of open source BI technology
  • A whole integrated business intelligence solution
  • Technology that is easy to use and works on all platforms (Windows, Linux, MacOS, iOS, Android)
  • A rich, interactive user experience
  • Verified technology that is used by thousands of both big and small companies worldwide
  • Plenty of upgrade opportunities
  • A modern Cloud architecture

Join the new generation of business intelligence!