uVid difference

  • Management and decision making based on quality information is the most important function of your enterprise solution. The need for it is what drives your business forward.
  • A tool is only as good as the person that uses it. We always place an emphasis on people and the work they do.
  • Your customers and your employees are your greatest asset. Providing you the insight into your customer base is the key role of uVid’s system.
  • Operational BI: we apply the advantages of a BI system on your entire company, not just part of the management.
  • We do not sell a product with a list of features but rather a proper solution for your problem.
  • We focus on what will give you the highest benefit in the shortest amount of time. Maybe your key issue is optimization of your distribution or perhaps tracking the profitability of a line of products? Three reports might be all that you need. Buy exactly what you need and not the whole “package”.