Data integration and quality control

A built-in system of extracting, transforming and loading data (ETL) integrates data from multiple sources and ensures a “single version of the truth”.

Data integration and quality control

Your data can give you a significant competitive edge. However, in order to achieve that they need to be collected, often from multiple sources, and transformed into quality information.

uVid ETL is:

  • Independent of the data source – it’s not important whether your data is in an Excel sheet, a relational database like Mysql or Oracle, in an NoSQL database or in all of those sources at once
  • Uses an acclaimed ETL tool – Pentaho Data Integration
  • Uses finished ETL modules for popular ERP systems ensuring a fast start to data loading as well as significant savings

Your company’s data has to be accurate and reliable. That’s why they need to be properly managed. Using the best methods for profiling, integration and quality control uVid’s system ensures you will have quality data.