Outstanding offer

Outstanding offer

The general opinion is that BI system are only suited for big companies. That is because these companies have devoted large amounts of money and time into implementing BI solutions.

We, on the other hand, believe that BI systems are necessary for any company (regardless of its size) that wishes to monitor key performance indicators of their business and know what to expect on the market.

Quality business intelligence does not have to be expensive.

uVid’s solution offers you:

  • The functionality of enterprise level BI solutions at greatly reduced cost
  • No big investments in expensive software licenses
  • Cloud-based – no big investments in IT infrastructure
  • Fast implementation – lower start-up costs

And more:

  • 24/7 backup of your data
  • Integration with additional services (like CRM and BPM systems)
  • Listing of your products and services on specialized online shopping services
  • Social intelligence – do you know what others think of you?

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